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These case studies relate to client campaigns on Facebook.

eCommerce | Health & Beauty Industry


Problem: Client sought help with Facebook advertising for their new product.
They had already spent more than a thousand with only a single sale from the store.

Results: These are the average across a month’s performance based on the time we’ve worked so far with this client.


Conversion Rate Before


Conversion Rate After


Increase Return on Ad Spend


Increase Sales Value

eCommerce | Fashion & Jewellery Industry


Problem: Due to Covid restrictions, the usual mechanism for the client’s sales channel was restricted. They acted quickly with the creation of an online store to sell but needed help with getting traction and sales on the website. Client had spent some money on ads themselves.

Results: These are the average across a month’s performance based on the time we’ve worked so far with this client.

In addition, the client achieved:

  1. a milestone sales revenue and
  2. we had to pause the ad campaign by Day 3 due to stock selling out.


Conversion Rate Before


Conversion Rate After

X Return On Ad Spend


Increase Sales Value

Lead Generation | Mortgage Industry


Problem: Client sought help to make the most of their Facebook Business Page. They were posting here are there but weren’t sure how to make things work to get leads out of Facebook.

Results: We approached this campaign with a gamification strategy. These are the average across a month’s performance based on the time we’ve worked with this client.

The campaign consistently brings in leads 247.

Average Leads/Month

Cost Per Lead

We had to change our entire marketing strategy around Covid-19 and we went full e-commerce.  Initially we had a professional video made and we just threw thousands of dollars at it on Facebook.  We got responses but barely any sales…

After spending 6 months trying to figure out how to increase our sales by ourselves we remembered a lovely lady we met over a year ago.
Enter Vanessa Leota owner of Wowza Digital!  She has also been an excellent support when we’re stuck on what to post.
We are constantly increasing our conversion rate which started at 0.02% before we worked with Wowza and now we are sitting at 3.34%
Fear not skeptics!  You’re business social platform is safe with Vanessa Leota & Wowza Digital
Live Juicy – Go Wowza for peace of mind.
Joe Coote

Co-Director, Living Juicy

We’re a small business that is newly online since Covid. Although we had full confidence in our product, we quickly found ourselves way out of depth when it came to effectively promoting it online. As typical Southlanders we like to do everything ourselves, and the initial outlay in Wowza’s services seemed intimidating for such a small business. But within a matter of days it was obvious engaging Vanessa is the smartest investment we could make.

Now, my partner and I concentrate on what we’re good at (he manufactures, I present the product, run the website and process orders) and very happily leave the digital marketing and online commerce techie stuff to Vanessa. She works her magic, and in six months we went from a tiny business who was just trying to hold it together for our families in the uncertainty of lockdown, to one that’s keeping one person full time and four others part time employed.

Anna Claire

Online Business Manager, Brendon Jaine Jewellery


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