Facebook Mobile – The site that has changed our lives was launched on April Fools.



These days, our phones seem like they can do anything and everything. If you’re anything like us, it’s hard to not be glued to them 24/7!

And did you know that Facebook for Mobile was launched on April 1, 2006? (Source: Facebook Company Info)

With ever growing mobile technologies, it may come as no surprise the importance of mobile when it comes to digital marketing. And if you’re looking at social media, there’s no other place like the Facebook. With over 2.45 billion app users, as of 2019 – chances are you probably have the app already downloaded on your phone! (Source: Business of Apps)
In fact, Facebook is the second most downloaded social media app – only falling short to video app TikTok! (Source: Hootsuite)

In the beginning the Facebook app was not received well –  released in 2010, it didn’t work as it was slow and buggy, making the user experience unenjoyable. However over the years it has improved into the great, functional and user friendly app that we use today.


In the beginning the Facebook app was not received well –  released in 2010, it didn’t work as it was slow and buggy, making the user experience unenjoyable.



It’s hard to deny that Facebook’s mobile capabilities have played a large role in the social media giant’s success – and if you’re looking to grow your online audience, you should definitely be thinking about utilizing Facebook mobile to your advantage.


In January 2021 alone, over 98% of active users accessed Facebook via a mobile phone.
Eight one percent (81%) of users accessed Facebook over the month of January using ONLY their mobile, a tremendous increase on the 1.7% of users who accessed the site exclusively using desktop. (Source: Statista)


This huge jump indicates the importance of being mindful of mobile users, and making sure your content is accessible, and ‘mobile first’.


A mobile first strategy consists of a focus on optimizing your content to cater for mobile viewers. This means making sure your content is appropriate for mobile sizes and capabilities, and your CTA’s (Calls to action) are actionable on a mobile device.


User experience is paramount! 

Making sure your site, content, and Facebook page all look and work great on mobile devices is your first step to positively capturing the attention of Facebook users.


Facebook also provides a number of mobile apps to help page owners manage their pages from their own mobile device – perfect for when you’re on the go! Facebook Business Centre helps you manage and schedule posts, respond to messages and comments and analyse audience insights. Whereas Facebook Adverts Manager allows you to manage your advertising campaigns with ease. Both of these apps are available on the app store, and free!

Since the launch of Facebook for Mobile 15 years ago, we can safely there has been a lot of iterations and improvements and impact on our everyday lives as well.

If you don’t know where to start, Wowza can help you get your Facebook page mobile ready! And if you’re not totally convinced on Facebook, check out our previous article – “Why Facebook is the perfect platform for your business.

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